Cinergy Boxers

  Donoway After Dark

Sire:CanCh. In-Crowds All The Wayc

Dam: Am/CanCh. Donoway the Spirit Sings

Whelped 6/23/.2014

Thyroid -Normal 


Winners Bitch at Bell Vernon KCUnder judge Mr.Richard Lopuschuck 6-28-15

Winners Bitch at Bell Vernon KC Under judge Mr.Richard Lopuschuck 6-28-15







Am/CanCh.In-Crowd's All The Way Am/CanCh.Mephisto's Guns and Roses SOMC Am/CanCh.Mephisto's Rosenkavalier SOM Ch.Berena's Tribute To Fa-Fa SOM
Am/CanCh.Mephisto's Black Sabbath DOM
Mephisto's Queen of Spades SOMC Am/MexCh.Dean Erick's Razin Kane
Am/CanCh.Mephisto's Black Sabbath DOM
In-Crowds Christmas Holly Ch.Stamped Ellen's Alley Am/CanCh.TurRo's Dakota of Shar-Rae SOM
Ch.Ellen Alley Lovely
In-Crowds Rosie Vitale Ch.Baldr's Sun Smoke SOM
In-Crowds Miss Behavin
CanCh.Donoway the Spirit Sings Am/CanCh.Bentbrook's Image of High Noon SOM CanCh.Doll Announces Veni Vidi Veci SOMC SOMC Can/NorCh.Mephisto's High Noon SOMC
Nit Noi
Bentbrooks' Jewel Box Ch.Bentbrook's Double Percision
Bentbrook's Canadian Mist
Am/CanCh.Donoway Wild Rose of Mephisto Am/CanCh.Mephisto's War O' The Roses SOMC Am/CanCh.Mephisto's Guns and Roses SOMC
Dorado's Flamenco Dancer
CanCh.Von Velohaus Bolero MexCh.Dauntae's Tzinquaw of Velohaus
Von Velohaus Black Moon


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